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What is GameMate?
GameMate is a Windows database application whose main functionality includes:

Screen Shot of GameMate in action:

Game Browser

The vital information provided for each game includes:

  • Game Name
  • OS: the operating system that the game runs under (DOS, Windows, Java...)
  • Category: what type of game it is (Classic, Action, RPG, Shooter, Platform...)
  • Publisher: name of company or individual who is marketing the game
  • Year Published: the year the game was released to the public
  • License: terms under which you can use the game (shareware, freeware...)
  • Description: comments on gameplay, quality, and other useful info...
  • Screen Shot: a picture of the game in action

Game Installer

GameMate provides a quick and easy way to get the games of your choosing onto your hard-drive where you can play them!

And when you are tired of a game and want to reclaim some disk space, don't fret about it...GameMate also provides automated uninstall support for any or all GameMate installed games!

GameMate is your complete PC game Install/Uninstall manager!

Game Launcher

GameMate allows you to run any GameMate-installed game with the click of a button!

Fully customizable and extendible!

Using your CD burner and blank CD's, you can create your own custom GameMate CDs whose database contains only your own personal favorites!

Got alot of games on floppies laying around? Save them now by creating a GameMate database to catalog and organize them, then burn it all to a CD and throw away those floppies!

Export as Website

GameMate will generate an attractive GameMate Arcade website containing any or all of the games of your choosing, complete and ready for upload to your ISP!

Add instant gamer's download area support to your website using this powerful feature!

See GameMate-generated website...Click here!


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