ImageMate is an application that allows you to store (import) graphic image files (bmp, jpg, pcx, tif, tga, png) into a database (dbf).
This allows you to delete the original image file from your hard-drive, as you can retrieve (export) the image from the database at a later time!
Also, when you retrieve the image from the database, you are not limited to  exporting it  to disk in the same format that it was imported in as.  You can choose to export an image as any of the supported file formats!
You can create new ImageMate databases to contain image content of your choosing.  Additionally, you can assign images to one of the image 'categories',  which will allow you to search and filter the current database.
You can browse through the images in the database, providing you with a 'slideshow'  view of the images contained in your database.


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