What is JMate For Java?
JMate For Java is SpriteMaster Development's own Java database application development and deployment environment, written mostly in Visual Basic.  As of this writing (12/8/1999) JMate for Java is still in development, and has not yet been released even in Beta form.  JMate For Java Version 1.0 should be available by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2000.
06/06/2001 - JMate is released as Open-Source project! Download now!!!
JMate For Java consists of three separate pieces; the JMate Designer, the JMate Server, and the JMate Java Class Library. 
Here is an overview and sneak-peek at the components of JMate For Java:

       JMate Designer
The JMate Designer is a VB-like IDE where you create web database forms using familiar drag-and-drop techniques.
The JMate Java Code Generation Engine takes the JMate project and form files and generates Java code that utilizes the JMate Java Class Library.
The JMate Java Code Generation Engine is designed as a separate executable (called from within the IDE).  This architecture will allow other developers to create their own code-generation engines for other languages, like ASP or WebBase. 

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JMate Server
The JMate Server is an application database middleware server that communicates with JMate Java Applets running in a web-browser, providing the applets with database connectivity to any JET or ODBC DBMS.  Featues include connection pooling, activity logging, and full contol over default database options.

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JMate Java Classes
The JMate Java Classes were designed with fast download, browser independence, and zero-client configuration in mind.  The entire class library is only 106KB, and automatically downloads in seconds to the client via a standard dial-up Internet connection.  JMate Class Library GUI components are derived from standard AWT components instead of SWING, making JMate applets compatible with Internet Explorer 3 and Netscape Navigator 3 (or higher).
JMate database applets communicate with the JMate Server, which provides the applet with database connectivity to your choice of JET or ODBC DBMS.  JMate can also generate standard JDBC code, if you prefer not to utilize the JMate Server.
Below is a screenshot of a simple JMate database applet running in Internet Explorer 3.0.   The applet is displaying data returned by  the JMate Server, which ran a SQL query against an Oracle7 database on behalf of the JMate client applet.


JMate For Java will be released as fully functional 'trialware'. 
Registration fee will be $99 and will include:
- Free e-mail support
- Complete source code (Visual Basic source code for the JMate Designer including the Java Source Code Generation Engine and JMate Server, and the Java source code for the JMate Java Class Library)
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06/06/2001 - JMate is released as Open-Source project!
Download now!!!