What is PagerMate?
PagerMate is a Windows program that allows you to send Alpha-numeric (full text) messages to pagers.  With PagerMate, you can add the power of paging to your business easily and affordably.
PagerMate allows you to use your computer to send text messages to alpha-numeric pagers.
PagerMate/LAN allows multiple clients on a LAN to share one modem and phone for sending text messages to alpha-numeric pagers.
And it's easy too!  If you can click a mouse, you can use PagerMate!
Here are just a few of the reasons to choose PagerMate or PagerMate/LAN:
(1) Your most commonly used pager numbers are stored on a pager database. You will never again have to dig through the mess on your desk to find your printed list of beeper numbers! 
Additionally, PagerMate/LAN clients share a common database of beeper numbers maintained on your network server.  The database of pager numbers can be administered centrally by one person or by everyone, whichever you prefer.
(2) PagerMate allows users to create a customized list of messages that they commonly send out.  Once created, a '
Canned-Message' can be selected with a mouse-click, saving the user the monotony of retyping the same message over and over again.
(3) PagerMate/LAN provides communications budget savings by allowing a workgroup to share one modem and phone line for all of its paging requirements.
What is required?
Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95, or NT
A modem and phone line connected to the computer (COM1 - COM4)
In addition, you will need to know some information about the paging companies and pagers of the people you wish to send messages to.
What does it cost?  (and ORDER information)
This is not free software. The license allows you to use this software for evaluation purposes without charge for a period of 90 days.  If you use this software after the 90 day evaluation period a registration fee is required.
Download PagerMate Now!
The cost of a license for PagerMate is $5, $7, or $10 (US) per license depending on your choice of distribution media, as described in the help topic: Ordering PagerMate.
A license is for a single computer per the licensing terms stated in the help topic Legalities.
Quantity discounts, site licenses, or custom modifications are also available by contacting the author:
     Stephen Leslie Robinson
     SpriteMaster Development
     345 Creighton Drive
     West Columbia, SC 29172
To order, print out and fill in the
Order Form and mail to the author at the above address.  Please do not forget to enclose payment!

What is the difference between the registered and unregistered version?

The registered version offers the following enhancements:
(1) No more registration "Nag Screen"!
(2) Permanent removal of the "90-day trial period" limitation!
(3) Free technical support (via e-mail)!
(4) Free upgrades.(via e-mail or from SpriteMaster's Web Site)!