What is VeggieMate?

VeggieMate is a graphical Windows database application that provides you with visual vegetable garden design tools and customizable vegetable information database. 
With VeggieMate you can:
- Plan your vegetable garden.
- Create a layout for your vegetable garden.
- Print your vegetable garden layout (with or without planting information).
- Customize the inormation in the vegetable database (add new vegetables, edit existing vegetables, delete existing vegetables)
- Have alot of fun with your computer and printer!
Coming Soon! VeggieMate  v2.0!
VeggieMate v2.0 is a complete from-the-ground-up re-write of VeggieMate.  The interface is vastly improved, as is the database info.
Tentative release date is August 2003.
Click here to view a sneak-peek screenshots of new VeggieMate v2.0!

Download VeggieMate Now!