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1/12/2000 - Just released: Frogg for Windows version 1.2!

Since its initial release two years ago, Frogg for Windows has been downloaded and enjoyed by over 30,000 fun-loving PC-gamers!  Discover for yourself the fun of Frogg for Windows, download a free no-risk fully-functional 30-day trial NOW!

Frogg for Windows

The story so far...
Froggwin the Frogg needs your help!

Guide Froggwin through dangerous rush-hour traffic and treacherous rivers to reach the safety of the Frogg Bogg

* Avoid being hit by cars, trucks, and other vehicles.
* Watch out for snakes, otters, and other predators.
* Hop across the turtles and logs to reach your home at the top of the screen.
* Don't fall in the water, as it is very deep and rough.  You will surely drown.
* Gobble Flies and escort lady Froggs for bonus points.
* Beat the timer!  You will die if you take too long to reach home.
* You will get bonus points for each second of time you have left when you reach home.
* Fill up all 7 slots to clear a level.
* Have Fun!.

* 15 different levels of gameplay.
* Create your own custom levels with the Frogg Level Editor.
* Adjustable number of Froggs.
* Play with timer or not.
* Adjustable play speed.

System Requirements:
* IBM PC or 100% compatible 
* 486/33 MHz or faster
* 8 MB RAM
* Hard disk drive with 5 MB available
* 16-color, 256-color or higher VGA or SVGA graphics
* Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT OS
* Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card Optional 
* Joystick Optional

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